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Greater mobility is what it's designed for.  Bio Comfy Knee Guantes comes to rescue your finger joint pain and strains. An innovative formulation of minerals releasing negative ions and infrared rays, which betters your micro blood circulation in your hands area, greatly relieves the pain and tension of your hands as a result. Better blood circulation can also serve as an alternative hand skin care therapy.


Infrared rays test of the fabric material is carried out by The Reliability Testing Centre of Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).


The application of the ComfyTec onto an ultra skin-friendly fabric, which negative ions and infrared ions, helps you:


  • Improve your micro blood circulation in your hands area
  • Alleviate your finger joint pain
  • Enjoy a greater mobility and flexibility
  • Provide a flexibility and comfort without restrictions during long hours of use
  • Boost your energy level


Note:  Smart Phone friendly

Bio Comfy Guantes 能量手套

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