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Bio Comfy Vestida


Mind and body refresher.  Bio Comfy Vestida aims to alleviate your muscle tension, boost your energy level and at the same time keep you feeling fresh & comfort throughout your busy day. An innovative formulation of minerals releasing duo negative ions and infrared rays, which betters your micro blood circulation in your shoulder, back and waist areas, greatly boost your mobility. Its soft, stretchable and lightweight fabric is the perfect piece to call upon all year round.


Mind and body refresher


The application of the ComfyTec™ onto an ultra skin-friendly fabric which duo releases negative ions and infrared rays, helps you:

  • Improve your micro blood circulation in the shoulder, back and waist areas
  • Alleviate the tension and strain of your muscle
  • Enjoy a greater mobility and flexibility
  • Stay fresh and comfort during your night and day
  • Boost your energy level


Colour: Light Grey

Bio Comfy Vestida

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