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Our Story

Our Motto: 

To inspire & be inspired for comfy and smart lifestyles

Following its great success, Health and Balance is transforming into a new and exciting brand called Bio Comfy.  This new brand aims to bring you a comfortable, refreshing, energising and smart experience alongside bio minerals application.  No matter what we do with our name, our core DNA of working restlessly to give you the most compelling experience in attaining comfy and smart lifestyle never changes.


The three founders were in their early 40s when they set up Health and Balance (H&B).  After building their careers in senior positions in various industries in Asia and Europe, they realised they shared one common experience.  Whenever they gathered with family and friends, they could never get away from the topic of being stressed at work, having sleepless nights , joint and muscular pain, and even just being in a bad mood from work. Was it a sign of getting older or a business opportunity?  It was both and this was what inspired the birth of H&B. 

Using their previous business connections and expertise, H&B was established to offer a wide range of well-designed technology-led products for attaining an equilibrium of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

H&B started by promoting energy products to senior citizens and their families at local community centres in Hong Kong.  It was immediately clear how well H&B's products were received and it was not long before those early customers were coming back for more after recommending H&B's products to their family and friends.  

Customer feedback constantly tells us how H&B's products have helped to alleviate joint and muscular pain, and how they have led to better sleep at night and better moods.  This feedback continues to motivate the founders above all else.  H&B has been expanding its product range to meet the needs of a younger audience with its NionPower™ (NP) range as well as transformed it into Bio Comfy, aimed at the middle-aged, young professionals and children.  

Again, our core DNA never changes.  


Our story does not end here.  We look forward to writing the next chapter with you.

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