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Refresh while asleep


Healthy, balanced, luxurious, and refreshing sum up what Bio Comfy Blanket offers you.  It is simply an innovative application of ComfyTec onto a luxuriously, beautifully soft and finest cotton.


ComfyTec is devised to blend the natural minerals onto a layer of facric that releases negative ions and infrared rays.  It improves your micro blood circulation of your whole body and gives you a perfect solution to sleep tight every night.


This smart application not only helps to regulate your temperature, keeps you warm and stay comfortable all night long, but also betters your blood circulation throughout your body while you are asleep.


For having an even better quality of sleep, it is recommended use along with Bio Comfy Pillow Mat and Bio Comfy Sleeping Mat which are well appreciated by our customers.


Infrared rays test of the fabric material is carried out by The Reliability Testing Centre of Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).


Breathable cotton blended with natural minerals releasing negative ions and infrared rays helps you:


  • Improve micro blood circulation of your whole body
  • Regulate your temperature and keep you cosy
  • Alleviate insomnia, muscle pain and tension
  • Increase and balance your energy levels
  • Greatly improve the quality of sleep
  • Give you a perfect solution to sleep tight every night
  • Enjoy a greater relaxation


Dimensions:  180 cm X 220 cm

Bio Comfy Blanket 能量棉被

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