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The combination of negative ions and infrared rays releasing from the specially formulated natural minerals is to improve your micro blood circulation in your sensual area.  This innovation application of blended minerals into the ultra smooth and skin-friendly fabric makes it an ideal wear for boosting your energy level as well as functional purpose from bettering your blood circulation.  This can give you the feel of comfort, sensuality and effective solution for masculine problems.


Infrared rays test of the fabric material is carried out by The Reliability Testing Centre of Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).


ComfyTec is a health-inspired range design in a combination of health and comfort.  It helps:


  • Improve your micro blood circulation in your private area
  • Relieve waist and back pain
  • Support your intimate health and hygience
  • Uplift your mood and reduce your stress and tension
  • Boost your confidence and energy level
  • Enhance your metabolism


Note:  The infrared ray report has been done by Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Stay Comfy Hipsters 負離子遠紅外線內褲 - 男裝

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